Why we should not take medical advice from the “Joneses”

Joneses here are referring to the non-healthcare professionals

The type of people who like to give medical advices over coffee or at the hallway.

We do not ask for advice on electrical wiring from a plumber.
So why do we accept medical advice from Joneses?

Do not accept ideas or information, such as:
“She started on chemotherapy and died two months later,” or

“The doctor said she would be dead in four months, but she refused to take her medication, and drank juices every morning. And you know what, she stayed alive for more than two years.”


Each cancer is clinically unique. Patients may experience different symptoms. Due to a difference in growth rate, the severity of each cancer may also be different. Even for the same cancer, the cancer may be found in different locations, or belong to different subtypes.

Each patient case is unique. Even if the cancer is the same, each patient may respond differently to the same treatments. Each case, based on its unique circumstances and characteristics, can result in different clinical outcomes.

As I stated in the book, my wife had a different response compared to her chemotherapy buddy, even though they both had the same type of cancer, and were given the same treatment.

I am a physician, and even I would take extreme care before offering any medical advice without a thorough examination of the patient and review of the case.

Asking or listening to the Joneses is like asking a movie actor on how to solve a crime…

My best wishes,

Dr. Azlan Kamalludin ( Dr. K Azlan)
Title: Three Cancers in Ten Months: When Doctor Becomes Caregiver
ISBN: 978-967-15014-0-5

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