Positive Outlook at Cancer Survivors

Soon after my book was made available, I was contacted by a lady named Zuraini Kamal. She is a cancer survivor.

We talked over the phone and exchanged stories on managing cancer. I noticed that we were on the same page on the concepts of cancer management. Both of us learn the hard way. Me with my issues as a caregiver and her as a patient.

One of the things that she emphasized was how she tried taking supplements and realized that it does not help her in any way. How people are trying to sell her this so-called miracle over the counter. Luckily, she faced the facts and seek professional and research-based treatment options.

She is doing quite well now. If she did not disclose that she was a cancer survivor, I believe no one would have known it.  She is very energetic, passionate and is doing something that she loves.

Currently, she is actively doing charity work. Her group members will make social visits to homes, hospitals and any place where help is needed. I am totally amazed at her continuous efforts. She created a Facebook group for Malaysians and received numerous commendations on it. Her Facebook group named “Cancer Survivors (MSIA)” gives support to cancer patients and their caregivers. No supplement advertisements and sales are allowed! I have joined the group since our first conversation over the phone and it is useful in helping cancer patients and their caregivers.

This is just to prove that support groups are very much needed during difficult times.  

My Wife and Her, Both Survivors

I wrote on how I found and joined a virtual cancer group when my wife diagnosed with Lymphoma and opted for chemotherapy. Seeing members of the group kept posting their pictures boost our spirits in dealing with chemotherapy’s side effects. The pictures posted by members during chemotherapy always show them smiling. They persevere through it with a smile because they do not want the disease to define who they are. One picture that burned into my mind is a picture of a beautiful mother with her child during chemotherapy, and it still gives that warm feeling years after.

Talking to your cancer friends during chemotherapy helps, but seeing pictures of people years after chemotherapy will make you realize that this is a journey with a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Join NOT ONE, but few support groups. It helped me with lymphoma care for my wife and prostate cancer for my father.

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