Cancers and Me

Hi there, I am Dr Azlan Kamalludin (also known as Dr K Azlan).  This is my first blog post on my website.  I have tried blogging before and it fails.  I am hopping I can put frequent small post.  Let’s see how it goes.

I am a physician.  My wife, father and father in law were diagnosed with three different type of cancer.  There were different cancers, different symptoms, different investigations needed, different treatment option and different outcome.  Sadly, there were all also diagnosed in 10 months period.  This does put an extra stress on top of existing ones……

Our journeys were difficult and until now, the care continues. 

I wrote the book because my family and I was asked numerous questions on how we handle these difficulties.  My wife and I believe God gave this to us for reasons and one of it to share our experience on managing it. 

One cancer on our loved one bad enough, imagine 3 in 10 months.  Multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and lymphoma. hearing words such as biopsy, chemotherapy, palliative, stages and more.

If you or your loved ones diagnosed with cancer and you find yourself overwhelm with information and the medical words, I am a physician and I myself feels overwhelm with these.  So do not blame oneself for not being able to absorb all the information at once. 

Managing one that passes away soon after diagnosis, one on palliative care and one required chemotherapy.  I still believe I got a lot more to learn.

Take your time and take one step at a time. I wish the knowledge shared in these blog post will be beneficial. 

My best wishes,

Dr. Azlan Kamalludin ( Dr. K Azlan)
Title: Three Cancers in Ten Months: When Doctor Becomes Caregiver
ISBN: 978-967-15014-0-5

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