Clown Care in Malaysia. The “Red Bubbles”

Hospital clowning also called Clown care, is a program in healthcare departments requiring visits from specially trained clowns. They are called the “clown doctors” which is a known name in various countries. These visits have been shown to help in uplifting patients feelings with hope and humor.
Clown Doctors visit particularly to the psychosocial needs of the hospitalized child but sometimes they also visit grown-ups. They mimic the hospital routine to help children adjust to their surroundings, they also divert from the frightening procedures.
This Clown Care available Internationally in Australia, New Zealand, United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Hong Kong and others.
In Malaysia there is a group called “RED BUBBLES” and registered under the name “Persatuan Penghibur Kanak-Kanak Buih Merah KL & Selangor. It is a non-profit organization established in April 2011 and registered under Registrar of Societies with registration number: 2095-11-WKL.
I personally follow their activities in social media. They are very active to provide joy to the children with cancers. These are people with a huge child in them. They take their valuable times to visit and put a smile on children’s face.
They use routines such as music, magic, storytelling and other clowning abilities to allow children with doses of entertainment that help them deal with the variety of emotions they may feel while in hospital: anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and fear.
The ambiance of fun and laughter can help children forget about the sickness and the fear for a moment, not to mention reduces their pain.
They also put Hospital Staff faces with smile..!!!
Kudos to a job well done…
Anyone wanted to Donate to their good cause can do so at MAYBANK 5640 7000 2826
Persatuan Penghibur Kanak-Kanak Buih Merah KL dan Selangor.
Once donation made, do email them at atau Whatsapp 019-266 5157.
You can also go to and use coupon code: #clowncare and every book sold using this coupon, RM5.00 will be donated to this society to continue putting a smile on kids faces.
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