Cancer Fighter “Zaki Bijak”

During the event in Putrajaya last September 30th, I met a guy who is also a cancer patient. His name is Zaki Bijak. He has same cancer, as my wife. He is still undergoing a chemotherapy. But this doesn’t stop him from doing his social activity.

He is attending social group and give support to them. He also founded his own organization named Cancer Fighters. This group shows and gives support to the people who are battling with cancer. For a cancer patient like Zaki, Cancer is not the most painful thing happen to them, it is the fact that some of their friends moved away.

Supporting a friend or a family who has a Cancer is hard work. You should always be available and not judged. That is why he goes on social visits to cancer survivors, take his time to see cancer patients in the ward and other news on friends conditions. Imagined how brave and great he is, caring for others while fighting on his own sickness. He finds strength this way and I am proud of him.

It is very significant having Cancer support groups like Cancer Fighters. It helps Cancer patients feel less isolated as they make connections with others facing similar illness. It gains a sense of empowerment and control of themselves. I hope there is more Support Organization that are reachable and open to all people who are fighting with Cancer.


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